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Hey There,

Have you ever had a therapist that wasn't a good fit and "ruined" therapy for you? Have you struggled to feel understood and feel like you are giving up? Well, that is why I became a therapist. I felt like I didn't have a good therapist when I was in puberty and I stopped believing it would work. Now, I have dedicated my life and practice to focusing on helping people rebuild their self-esteem, body image, and self-confidence.  

About My Professional Experience.

I specialize with individuals struggling with OCD, anxiety and eating and body image issues. That's right, I have dedicated my practice to individuals struggling with all of these issues at once. After my years working at a local RTC for eating disorders, then an intensive outpatient program for OCD, I realized there was a giant gap in care for individuals who were struggling with these issues together. I have spent a large amount of my time primarily working with these populations along with perfectionism, and disordered eating in athletes. 

Presentation/ Workshop/ Teaching Experience 



  • Presentation: Smith, D., (2016, March).” Differences in Outcomes of Formally Charged Intimate Partner Abuse Cases for Heterosexual Women Defendants versus Same-sex Women Defendants versus Same-sex Women Defendants. Presentation was conducted with individuals involved in the social work program to sorority women of USU at USU 

  • Smith, D., (2016, April). “Social Media’s Effects on Body Image and Eating Disorder Behavior for College-Aged Women.” Presentation and poster presented at USU Research Symposium with preliminary details to research project.

  • . Manwaring LCSW, Rogers PhD, and Smith CSW., (2019, Oct.) “Changing Lives Through Evidence- Based Treatment for OCD.” AMCAP

  • Rogers PhD, Smith CSW., (2019, Oct) “The Many Faces of OCD and Anxiety Disorders.” NAMI

  • Rogers PhD, Smith CSW., (2020, Feb.) “Improving the Care for Patients Suffering with OCD.” Lakeview Hospital. 

  • Smith LCSW &Lamoreaux LCSW (2020, July) “How Untreated Symptoms of Anxiety & OCD Leads to Feelings of Hopelessness &SI.” Zero Suicide Conference. 

  • Smith LCSW (2020, Oct.) “The Hidden Faces of OCD: When OCD Gets Stuck on Other Topics Besides Contamination.” Critical issues Facing Children & Adolescents.  

Adjunct Professor 

University Name: U of U

Created and taught the DSM-5 principles of diagnosing in person at U of U. I also taught the class NSSI at the University of Utah. 

Workshop Experience 

Designing and implementing workshops for difference companies. These workshops incorporate body image, mindfulness, self-compassion along with skills of self-acceptance. 


Email is the best way to reach me, send me an email with what you are looking for! (client care, workshops, presenting, etc.) 

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