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Body Image & Eating Disorders

Body Image Issues

We all have aspects of our body we may have issues with or not love. A body image issue is different. A body image issue is when someone's view of themselves is starting to affect their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. A body image issue can often lead someone to obsessing about aspects of their appearance and start to affect someone's ability to enjoy life.

Common Signs of a Body Image Issue(s):


  1. Seeking reassurance often from loved ones e.g. " Does ____ look okay?"

  2. Hiding body with baggy clothing.

  3. Avoiding social functions because of the fears related to appearance.

  4. Being overly critical of your body/ aspects of your appearance. 

Negative body image can often be a precursor to eating disorders and should be taken seriously. If you or a loved one is struggling with a body image issue, do not wait to seek mental health & medical services. 

Disordered Eating

What is disordered eating? You can suffer with unhealthily eating habits which may not be classified as an official eating disorder. Disordered eating can still be extremely damaging for someone's psyche and their physical health. What are some of the signs of disordered eating?

Some of the Common Symptoms of Disordered Eating/ an Eating Disorder: 

  1. Weighing yourself & or measuring your body multiple times a week.

  2. Skipping meals because of the fear of weight gain & or working out excessively due to fears of weight gain.

  3. Obsessions with media content with weight loss/ diet tips.

  4. Feeling out of control or scared around foods. 

  5. Fixations on exercise (e.g. working out when sick, having guilt if missing a workout).

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Body dysmorphic disorder can be devastating to the individual affected. Often the individual who is suffering with this disorder will be consumed trying to "fix" or hide a flaw which appears to be percieved by others or minor flaw.


Common Obsessions of Perceived Flaws Include: 

 1)skin 2) teeth 3) face 4) chest 5) nose 6) legs etc. 

Any obsession with a body part that is ruling your life and followed by a behavior to "fix or mask the flaw" should be taken seriously and addressed. 

Common Compulsions Include:

1)Avoiding the mirrors or excessive checking of the mirror,

2) Avoidance of getting your picture taken, excessive seeking reassurance from others, skin picking behaviors to "fix the flaw", hiding the flaw with clothing or avoiding social functions.

3) Individuals suffering with this disorder often struggle with depressive symptoms and have a difficult time leaving their house or engaging in things they love.

*Do not wait to seek treatment if this describes you!

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